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Founder Tugce Agca KIZIL

Patent Care Intellectual and Industrial Rights Consultancy Company;


It was established by Tuğçe ACCA KIZIL in Istanbul on 15.03.2012 after 8 years of experience in the sector. Tuğçe ACCA KIZIL, after graduating from Yildiz Technical University Electrical Engineering, completed the Information Technologies and Systems Management Master program at Baskent University, Institute of Science. In 2017, she passed the European Patent Attorney (EQE) exam and was awarded the European Patent Attorney Title.


Providing services in the field of Intellectual and Industrial Rights, Patent Care reaches a better position every year by taking the public behind it first and thus continues to help the public to protect its intellectual and industrial rights.


With its expert staff in the field of intellectual and industrial rights, Patent Care aims to always be with you in protecting your rights with the vision of supporting creative inventiveness, protection of rights and economic development.


With its mission to provide transparent, reliable and professional services with accurate and clear information, it supports you with its knowledge and does whatever it takes to increase the value of the ideas you have by registering them.


The Patent Care Team:


* Having technical infrastructure,

* Well educated,

* Loves to research,

* Who communicates honestly and

* Cares for you



Tugce Agca EPI Attorney
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