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First digital EPO Patent Information Conference marks start of a new era in patent knowledge

The 30th annual EPO Patent Information Conference concluded yesterday, marking the first time in the event's history that it was hosted online. Some 300 participants from 38 countries, including patent searchers, patent office experts, and commercial patent information services providers, participated in a series of interactive presentations and discussions. The two-day event was initially planned to take place in Tallinn, Estonia but moved to an online format in light of the pandemic.

In his welcome, EPO President António Campinos announced a new direction for the conference. Starting in 2021 the Office will organise a new "Patent Knowledge Week", offering greater flexibility as well as extended focus on topics related to patent knowledge. The President also spoke on the role of intellectual property in driving recovery from coronavirus: "Innovation will not only find solutions to manage the pandemic - it will also fuel the growth needed to pull our economies out of post-COVID recession. With so much riding on innovation these days, the stakes have never been higher."

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