Trademarks are the visual or sensual marks which allow the presented goods or services to be distinguished from the others. The said marks may be 2 or 3 dimensions, and may comprise of letters, numbers, drawings, logos, pictures or even sounds.  


Preliminary Search
At our firm, we carry out a preliminary search before making a trademark application in order to determine the trademark application’s chance to be registered before the Turkish Patent Institute.  Via the preliminary search to be carried out in the database of Turkish Patent Institute, the identical or similar trademarks with which the trademark registration is requested are identified and reported to our client.
Application and Registration 
Trademark applications in Turkey is governed by the Turkish Patent Institute.
Required documents of a trademark application are:
-trademark sample,
-Nice classes of the application
-Power of attorney and
-the necessary contact information of the applicant.  
The prosecution of a trademark application is tracked meticulously until the registration, and our client is informed at each stage.
Publication Tracking and Objection
Trademark applications which are published in the official trademark bulletin of the Turkish Patent Institute are watched each month and the determined identical or similar trademarks are reported to our clients.
According to the instructions of our clients an objection can be prepared and filed to the Turkish Patent Institute upon a defined conflict of rights.  An opposition shall be filed within the time limits and together with the reasons of the conflict. Therefore it is possible to demand the rejection of the identical or a similar trademark by means of these objections. We serve consultancy services for the opposition procedures of trademarks.
Other Searches
Other searches that our firm conducts in accordance to our clients’ instructions are listed below:
-Searches by applicant name or Nice Classification 
-Search for last status information of pending/registered trademarks



The registered trademarks should be renewed in 10 year-periods. Time tracking and payment process are carried out by our firm.

Contracts and Recordals
Right of use of a trademark may be granted to the persons and/or firms by means of the license or assignment. These procedures may be carried out for all of the classes of the trademark or may be carried out in part. Our firm provides consultancy services regarding this subject.
Our firm provides services regarding recordal of changes like change of name of the applicant, change of address, assignment, license, etc.

Trade Mark