General Information about Utility Models in Turkey


For an invention to be able to be protected by a utility model registration in Turkey, its subject matter shall be within the subjects that are protectable by the Decree Law on Protection of the Patent Rights No: 551 and it must be new and be applicable to the industry. 


Utility Model Certificates is not allowed to be granted for the subject matters of processes and products obtained by such processes and for chemical products according to Turkish Decree Law No 551.


A utility model registration in Turkey provides a protection for a term of 10 years.


After making a utility model application, it is necessary that each year annuity fee shall be paid to the Turkish Patent Institute within its time limit.

Utility Model Applications in Turkey


In Turkey we as Patent Çare Co. Ltd. provide service for the prosecution of the applications for the: - first filings of the utility models &- subsequent applications with the priority documents of the utility models.

Utility Model