Is the right to protect an invention which describes making a product or a method in a new and technical way. The said way is often a solution for a technical problem. 


Invention and Patent


An invention is an alternative way to carry out any development or method belonging to a new and unique device, method, compound, process, machine, or product.


For an invention to be able to be protected by patent registration in Turkey, its subject matter shall be within the subjects that are protectable by IP Law and it must be new, include an inventive step and be applicable to the industry.


A patent registration in Turkey provides a protection for a term of 20 years.

Preliminary Search


At our firm, we carry out a preliminary search before drafting the application for determining the scope of protection. We give high importance of preliminary search for the interpretation whether the invention is new and involving an inventive step and thus determining the ground upon which the first filing of an application shall be based.

Patent Applications in Turkey 
In Turkey we as Patent Care Patent & Trademark Consultancy provide service for the prosecution of the applications for the:
* First filings 
* Subsequent applications with the priority documents
* EP (European Patents) validations and 
* National phase of PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) applications. 
We also conduct the prosecution of provisional protection of European Patents before the Turkish Patent Institute.
Publication Tracking
After making a patent application, the official office bulletins are followed each month and the clients are informed about the applications of the third parties on the technical area which is related to the applications of the clients.
Further, we regularly carry out publication tracking and provide information to clients about the subjects and/or firms which are desired by our clients to be tracked. 



An objection document is prepared for the applications which our clients desire to object to within its time limit and the objection is filed at the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.  

Annuity Fees


After making a patent application, it is necessary that each year an annuity fee shall be paid to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office within a certain time limit.


Time tracking and payment process are carried out by our firm.