Technical reports are prepared to be used in the subjects of 

• Defining the protection scopes of the patent or utility model documents,
• Carrying out novelty detection for the utility model documents,
• Comparing a product with a patent and/or a utility model document so as to decide whether to sue against or not,
• Comparing document and product for detecting infringement
• Comparing document and/or product for the cases of nullity or infringement,

in the direction of the demands coming from our clients.


For a product to be used by the third parties without constraint, it is necessary that this product is not protected by any application system in Turkey. Commercial utilization or sale of a product which is protected by a patent, trademark, or industrial design by the unauthorized persons may subject to the infringement cases in Turkey. These cases may result with pecuniary fine or penalty of imprisonment.

Thereby, before selling a product to Turkey or beginning to produce it in Turkey, it is necessary to be aware that the usability of this product is free in Turkey.

Searches regarding the free usability of a product in a Turkey are carried out and reported by our firm.

Technical Report & Searches