Turkey is a member of Paris Convention for the protection of Industrial Property since 10 October 1925; a member of PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) since 1 January 1996 and a member of EPC (European Patent Convention) since 1 November 2000.

For foreign patent applications a protection can be provided in three ways in Turkey:


1) Making direct patent applications to Turkey with or without claiming Priority,
2) Entering to Turkey from the Chapter I or II of PCT applications,
3) Providing a patent protection via EP validation.

1)  If applicant wants to claim priority for his subsequent application in Turkey, he shall make the subsequent application within 12 months from the first filing date according to Paris Convention.


2) For PCT applications time limit for entering the national phase is the same for Chapter I and Chapter II in Turkey and said time limit for entering to Turkey is 30 months from the first filing date. If applicant pays an additional fee for late entry into the national phase, the time limit can be 3 months extended.


3) In Turkey provisional protection and validation of European Patents before the Turkish Patent Institute can be provided.

At our firm consultancy for these three subjects is provided and related prosecutions are managed before the Turkish Patent Institute.

PCT-EP Applications