Preliminary Search
According to the instructions of our clients it is possible to carry out a preliminary search for the product for which the industrial design protection is sought, for interpreting the matter that whether the design is new and distinctive or not. 
Application and Registration
The appearance of a design; the shape, external lines, and/or colors of the sample are protected by the industrial design registration. 
Industrial design applications are prosecuted by Turkish Patent Institute in Turkey. 
Necessary requirements for an industrial design application in Turkey are:
* The visual representation which is prepared as picture, drawing, graphic, photograph or    a   suchlike manner which reflects all of the distinct characteristics of the design
* The description which describes the design and 
* Power of attorney signed by applicant
* Contact information of the applicant
The description which is prepared for the industrial design registration is a brief description which reveals the visual characteristics of the design.
Publication Tracking and Objection
The design registrations are published in the official industrial design bulletin on a monthly basis. 
We provide the service of tracking whether there is a similar or same design publications as the registered designs of our clients from the official industrial design bulletins. 
In case of any conflict detected in the bulletins, we prepare objections to the related design regarding “new and distinctive criterias” in accordance with the demand of our client.
The protection period for an industrial design is 5 years in Turkey. It is possible to extend this period up to 25 years by means of making renewal once in 5 years within its period.
If the design registration is multiple, it is possible to make partial renewal. 
Contracts and Recordals
Right of use of a design may be granted to the persons and/or firms by means of the license or assignment. Our firm provides consultancy services regarding this subject.
Our firm also provides services regarding recordal of changes like change of name, change of address, assignment, license, etc.

Industrial Design