From the view of Prof. Dr. Cengiz Kaya; The Coordinator of Yıldız Technical University, Technology Transfer Office

In recent years, we have started to turn the findings of nanotechnology related research and development projects into tangible values by way of patenting. We gain a very valuable contribution from Patent Çare especially in technical services such as patent drafting & detirmining the scope of protection and also applying for international applications. Apart from this as Yıldız Technical University - Technology Transfer Office, we also get support from Patent Çare on IP rights training such as arranging workshops by the purpose of raising the awareness in our university about intellectual property rights. Via the surveys, participants of these events continue to report of that of all the activities organized by Patent Çare  have a very beneficial effect on each participant. In accordance with that we cooperated in the patent commercialization activity in the name of  “I. Patent Studio & Project Bazaar of Manufacturing Technologies – 2013”  by taking professional support from Patent Çare.


Prof.Dr. Cengiz Kaya-Inventor

Coordinator of Intellectual Property Rights/Project Coordinator

Yıldız Technical University-TTO

From the view of Ali Kızıl; CEO of KIZIL Group

We work with Patent Çare for all the domestic and abroad patent, trademark and industrial design  applications  for the reason of Patent Çare’s transparent, clear and in detail information sharing service.

Hereby, with inner peace we’ve assigned the management of our intellectual & industrial property rights to Patent Çare.

Many thanks to them for making life easier.

Ali Kızıl-Inventor

Electrical Engineer(Msc)

Founder of Kızıl Group

From the view of Ahmet Altan; Free Inventor

All in all, we don’t file a patent application every day! Maybe just for 3 or 4 times I have needed a patent office in my many years of professional life and generally these needs were related with registration of trademarks. One wants to get a recommendation; it is like a case of asking a doctor recommendation. He wants to counsel someone who he can rely on his/her minds’. Unfortunately, there are’nt enough experienced people so receiving advice is getting hard.

Internet is a good source but not enough because how can we evaluate a service that we haven’t received before? I took a risk and got in contact with the Patent Çare that I found via internet. A young, dynamic and positive voice which I heart and I thought “worth a try”. I trusted my feelings and made an appointment. So indeed, I met a young and investigator, hardworking, dutiful team.

What should a person, who wants to apply for a patent, expect of a patent consultancy firm?

Firstly attention to privacy;

Everyone comes up with his own idea as unique matter. Otherwise, none makes a patent application. Patent Çare respects this privacy and bears down on to protect this privacy.


You think your idea is unique and original but you have no idea about if your development is invented before you or not. At this stage the patent firm activates. A comprehensive prior art search must be done. If you pass this stage null, the possibility of losing time and labor occurs. The team of Patent Çare make detailed and comprehensive research and report the results to you, so in the stage of making the application, you have an opinion about the possibility of getting the patent granted.

Having a good command of subject;

The team of Patent Çare have a thorough knowledge of the procedure and operations about patent processes which they guide you. This guidance includes such as how a patent application will be drafted; which words should be used while drafting, which kind of applications in which stage can be applied; etc.

It is such that, they search for the most exact one punctiliously as if they are forming a law article and as if there are the possibility of causing someone’s unfair punishment. Patent Çare has an established corporate culture in this issue.

Respect to business;

One of the most important features that a firm or a person may possess is, for sure the respect to business. All staff of Patent Çare has this concept, everyone respects to his work and himself. Because of these reasons, the last action they’ll do is; to file or transfer an offer or an application to the other authorities in which they are not totally satisfied from the content of the file. They respect deeply first to themselves and then second to their business.

Patent, an important issue in the world, is a mechanism allowing the emergence of new ideas, supporting and protecting legal & natural persons’ new, innovative ideas. Hereof, Patent Çare is one of the honored firms in Turkey. On my own behalf, I feel lucky of having found a precious IP firm to receive assistance for our patent & trademark issues from now onward.

Ahmet Altan-Inventor

Mechanical Engineer


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