Patent Çare Intellecutal and Industrial Property Rights Consultancy Firm;


is established at the date of 15.03.2012 by Tuğçe AĞCA KIZIL after 8 years of experience in the sector. After graduating from Yıldız Technical University, Electrical Engineering undergraduate program, Tuğçe AĞCA KIZIL has completed her master degree in Başkent University’s “Information Technology and System Management Master of Science” program. At the year 2017 she passed European Qualifying Examination (EQE).



Patent Çare aims always to stand behind you as to protect your rights with the vision of;  


assisting creative inventions → the protection of rights → economic development with the expert staff in IP.


Patent Çare supports you with its knowledge and fulfils all the necessary acts to grant your intellectual products before the related Institute as to enrich the value of your intellectual property. Therefore the mission of Patent Çare is;


to provide reliable and professional services with transparent and exact information.


Patent Çare believes in that it’s going to achieve its goals with a team;




  • ·       *  Having a technical background
  • ·       *  Who is good educated
  • ·       *  Who likes to research
  • ·       *  Who communicates in an open and honest way
  • ·        * Who gives value to human


And therefore Patent Çare makes all its’ investments in this direction.